Nature and Culture, here the binomial that better describes to the province. The Nature, with the marine park of Five Lands, in its paesagggio of hills to strapiombo on the sea in which they are incastonati, like ancient gems five and charming villages, park Marcello the mount, equipped of driven in and sempreverde a Mediterranean spot, goes it them of the Lean one and of Vara, the lungs greens of the entroterra, but also and, above all, a rich and varied artistic patrimony, show as in this territory it exists happy connubio between man and an atmosphere.

The Culture, with a circuit that it leave from the capoluogo, La Spezia, in which we find reperti archaeological, preistorici and roman in the civic museum Ubaldo Formentini, pictures of Tintoretto, trecentesche Tiziano, Pontormo and miniature in the Lia museum, polene of nineteenth-century ships and war instruments in the Naval one. An ideal route for the comfort of the spirit that continues in province: the ancient Luni, Portovenere, Lerici, Sarzana, Levanto, From Liguria Varese and the small villages of the Val di Vara are some of the goals, rich of artistic, indispensable testimonies in order to dip itself in the history, culture and traditions break some. The innumerevoli spiagge, pointed out on one of the cleaned up of the Mediterranean and contornate seas more from an atmosphere only and promoted from the Unesco to the rank "Patrimony of the Humanity" are from centuries one of the preferred goals of the bathing tourism. Here where soggiornavano the members of the Real Family and where continue "to shelter" artists and intellectuals of all the world you will find again the only acceptance that only an only landscape as La Spezia knows to give.